Embrace Diversity

“An appreciation as well as practice of Diversity within Pakistani organisations is the need of the hour. As one of the largest cities of the world, Karachi has a diverse population with people from numerous ethnic, religious and social groups living alongside each other. But by ignoring this diversity, its towns and mohallas are in turmoil. People of different races, colours, languages are protesting. Ethnic, racial and religious tensions are at their highest.”

This was the message at the Diversity workshop organised by Natmark, and held on Saturday, 20th August, at Hotel Avari Towers, Karachi. Diversity is the phenomenon of mutable and immutable difference within human beings. A study of diversity is essential not only for community cohesion and peaceful co-existence but also for business longevity.

It was further highlighted that: “Organisations – in the private sector and particularly in the social and public sectors can prevent such boiling points by staying clear of prejudice and stereotyping and be commited to equality in their policies and practice. By becoming organisations that are open to all and who offer their goods and services to all, specially to marginalised segments of society, managers and decision makers can make a positive contribution for making society cohesive.”

The workshop was conducted by Kashif Shahzada, Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, and was attended by delegates from private and social sector organisations. Delegates were given hands on training on barriers to becoming inclusive organisations, why embracing diversity is critical to business success, along with examples of good practice from leading International organisations.

Participants appreciated the concept of diversity for organisaltional management and discussed ways to make their own organisations more inclusive.


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