CEO of Natmark at Keynote session of GIMAC2, Abu Dhabi


2nd Global Islamic Marketing Conference (GIMCO 2): was held in Abu Dhabi, on January 17 – 18, 2012 under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan with the theme “Putting Ethics Back into Business“. Kashif Shahzada, CEO of NATMARK addressed the main keynote session of the conference alongside leading academics and highlighted that Islamic marketing was not a new phenomenon , but one which has existed since ever Muslims, put into practice the teachings of the Qur’an within the sphere of their economic and corresponding social lives. As Marketing is no longer the domain of Marketing departments, but an activity at the heart and soul of the organisation, hence Islamic marketing is not a niche but at the heart of the organisation. He stressed that ethical and moral dilemmas that Marketers face in contemporary times, and how Islamic marketing in the light of Qur’anic guidance binds Muslim marketers to ethics in business needs to be explored. The importance of the Qur’an as a text of guidance for the Muslims and its application in all spheres of human activity is key in this regard. The conference was organised by the International Islamic Marketing Association, the United Arab Emirates University, and the University of Malaya, Malaysia in cooperation with the International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship and was attended by leading academics, managers, policy makers, and practitioners.



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