Q&Q Smile Solar goes live on PTV


Q&Q SmileSolar green message reached viewers all over Pakistan as it went live on air on PTV news morning talk show Subh-e-Nau.
Subh-e-Nau is a morning talk show presented by celebrity host Nazia Malik with a keen nationwide following. The show highlights the best part of the country from celebrities to fashion leaders who captivate viewers with their amazing experiences.
Q&Q SmileSolar was placed strategically on the arm side of the host and guests and gained prominent coverage throughout the hour long TV show episode which was broadcast live on August 11, 2016. The host Nazia introduced SmileSolar in the 34th minute with a conversation on importance of green energy. The episode was of special significance as it was related to the independence day of Pakistan. As distributors of Q&Q Natmark would like to thank Nazia and her team at PTV for highlighting the importance of solar power.

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