When you do not have in-house expertise or an internal marketing set up, then the most cost effective and hassle free way to address your organisations marketing needs is to outsource the marketing function to specialists.

At Natmark, we offer marketing campaigns for your brand employing tried and tested methodologies. We not only engage in meticulous planning of your projects and campaigns but also execute them with precision.

DIRECT MAIL Deliver your advertising or promotional message to customers or potential customers by postal mail. Through a direct mail campaign you will be able to target your message, build a relationship with individuals, appeal to all the senses of the prospect. ideal for a project that doesn’t have a large marketing budget

TELEMARKETING Contact, qualify, and canvass prospective customers using telecommunications. Telemarketing campaigns are trackable in terms of positive customers, gets you an immediate response, you don’t need to wait to get their reactions. Low cost approach.

EVENTS Designing or developing a ‘live’ themed activity, display, or exhibit to promote your products, services, or ideas. Get face-to-face and interactive with your customers. Brings your brands Alive! Uses all five senses. Meet throngs of customers in one place!

INTERNET MARKETINGUses various online advertisements to drive traffic to your website. Social media like Facebook, twitter form an integrated component of web promotion. Reach a worldwide audience 24/7, 365 days, target your desired customer segment, interactive and visually captivating, involving, text, images, sound and interactivity.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Create and maintain goodwill of your organisation’s various publics (customers, employees, investors, suppliers, etc.), through publicity and other non-paid forms of communication. Show your support of arts, charitable causes, education, and sporting events.

ADVERTISING Paid, non-personal, public communication about causes, goods and services, ideas, organisations, people, and places, through print, radio, television, and outdoor advertising. Reinforce your marketing messages to masses of people.

DIVERSITY MARKETING Engaging with multi-cultural customers is quite a challenge. Beliefs, customs, languages and rituals, all have a bearing on an organisations offer. If not handled correctly, efforts can go waste, or worse, have a disastrous impact on organisational image. That is why we offer consultants who specialise in engaging with diverse communities. These are individuals who know local communities well and can broker your organisation within them with due diligence.

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Selling your goods and services beyond your own borders requires special know-how and expertise. Our international marketing consultants are specialists in their own field and will plan and execute your export marketing focussing on results and also keeping within your budget.

Our project management will keep your brands and messages in front of your customers left right and centre producing the desired outcomes in a precise and measurable manner. What is more, you benefit from a high quality marketing campaign but at an affordable cost.

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