Business decisions should not be made on the basis of hunches and assumptions, but on the backing of solid evidence and credible information. To assist your business with important decision-making, we carry out investigations on your behalf employing qualitative research methods including; focus groups, personal interviews, surveys, and secondary research.

Using tried and tested research methodologies, we can provide research and intelligence services for your organisation that includes:

Business Plans to enable you to give direction to your organisation and match its internal competencies with external market opportunities. A Business plan covers all functions of the business and is absolutely vital for a new business and an essential compendium to all existing business projects.

Sectoral Studies to present to you relevant and pertinent information about industry sectors that is filtered and structured in accordance with your needs.

Market Research to investigate trends, situations and events impacting on your products, services, customers and wider stakeholders.

Management Audits comprises of research carried on inside the organisation to detect internal problems effecting its operations and structure and to make recommendations for practical improvement. These can take the entire organisation into consideration or be concerned with a specific managerial department or function.

Marketing Strategy informs your organisation where it is right now, what are its own resources and where should the organisation be in a stated period of time and how it might get there? Strategic decisions are important and have an overall impact on the business and the markets in which it will operate. Our specialism in strategy development will enable you to see matters in a new light.

Competitor Intelligence is essential so that your business is aware of the challenges it faces. We can gather information in a discrete manner within the bounds of law and business ethics and provide you insights into the operations and developments occurring within competing organisations.

Social Research enables societal problems to be highlighted so that concrete measures can be taken for tackling them. Research on communities, marginalised groups and minority populations require specialist skills that we possess and which can be depended upon whilst producing investigations on your behalf.

Partners in Research Our researchers do not work in isolation but incorporate client needs all along the project. They ensure that the research work produced is in accordance with the brief and are also flexible enough to incorporate amendments to the initial request. You will be able to make sound commercial or organisational decisions based on cutting edge research produced by us.

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