About Us

NATMARK is a vibrant marketing consultancy based in Karachi, Pakistan that specialises in Research, Consulting and Training services for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises.

Our Unique Selling Point

Marketing Specialists Natmark is led by its founding director, a seasoned marketer possessing valuable industry experience, a high level of marketing skill and commercial acumen including the Chartered Marketer status – the peak of the marketing profession.

Hands-on experience Guided by company leadership and operationalised by the skills and experience of staff we are able to provide tailored marketing solutions for our esteemed clients that make their products, services and messages relevant to the needs of their target audience.

Value for Money Due to our size, we maintain low overheads and are able to offer competitive fee structure to our clients.

Flexibility We are flexible regarding charges, services provided and ways of working. Unlike larger organisations that are bound by rigid rules, we can adapt to our clients needs quickly.

Direct access to organisational decision makers The head of the company will be in charge of your account, and as our chain of command is short, decisions are made for clients instantly.

SME advantage We come with less baggage than larger companies in terms of office politics and business systems that slow processes down. Our consultants do not waste precious client time on internal matters but spend quality time with you . i.e. the client.

International Links Our staff’s association with professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing, India Pakistan trade Unit, Birmingham chamber of commerce, Lahore chamber of commerce and Karachi chamber of commerce & Industry, provides clients international links, as well as access to cutting edge research. Our international links enable us to offer clients marketing expertise in line with the latest worldwide trends and occurrences facilitating the development of their brands for international markets.

Specialism in UK black and minority ethnic communities Our founder has delivered monumental projects for British government agencies aimed at the UK black and minority ethnic diaspora.

Our BME competency along with our low cost production operations in Pakistan, make us the ideal partners for British organisations aiming marketing campaigns at the South Asian and Muslim market segments in the UK. We are also ideal partners for Pakistani exporters, looking to tap into the UK and European market segments.

Our Services


  1. Brand activation or launch of a new product, service or cause
  2. Direct Marketing – reach out to customers whose contacts are known by telephone or post
  3. Events Organise seminars, conferences etc on your behalf
  4. Community Relations
  5. eMarketing by Websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  6. Advertising Design and deliver Print, Media and Outdoor Advertising
  7. Sponsorship to align your business with a cause, a sport or an event
  8. Retailing – to help your retail shop design, decor, and mall capabilities
  9. Fundraising – Help you to raise funds for the Charities that you support
  10. Export your business products and services to International Markets


  1. Develop Marketing Plans for your business
  2. Organise Focus Groups to know customer attitudes
  3. Carry out Surveys by Internet, telephone, and post
  4. Conduct literature reviews
  5. Conduct in-depth Personal 1-2-1 Interviewing


  1. Seminars & Workshops
  2. Simulations & Case Studies
  3. Coaching & mentoring
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Project based Learning


Natmark are the importers and distributors of Q&Q in Pakistan.

Q&Q watches, a Subsidiary of CITIZEN Watch Co. Ltd., Tokyo, is the largest selling analog watch brand in the world.

Q&Q is known for its legendary Japanese assurance of quality, economical pricing and avant-garde designs.

The products of Q&Q adapt the metal movement of MIYOTA (CAL.2035). It is shock-proof as well as easy to repair and handle. In addition, its own technology enables long-lasting battery of 3 years and high precision that the clock accuracy is just 20 seconds a month.  We supply Q&Q to retailers as well as organisations that wish to source incentive products for their employees and customers.

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